Policy Focus Points

1. FSR Structure

Keywords for the FSR structure: continuation plan, summer courses and sustainability.

Continuation plan

For the FSR to operate on an effective and efficient matter it is important that the internal structure is well set. Only then can we represent students. At this moment in time does every FSR make a new policy plan and "start over". Our ambition is to make a 5-year plan on which the next councils can build on. Any initiatives that are set up will cooperate with existing facilities, forging relationships that future faculty student councils can build on.

A part of this focus point is the professionalization of the faculty student council. Internally, we will be making changes to the way we approach tasks, meetings, how we handle documents, and much more. The chairman Luud van Ginneken has experience with leading a student association. He brings the required qualification and experience to support the council through this transition.

Summer course

With the summer courses we hope to prepare for the upcoming students with extra (online) courses, such as Business Mathematics and Business Statistics. We are continuing with last year's initiative to give summer courses in Stata, R, and Business Mathematics. Next to this, additional courses such as Dutch and English for transitioning high school students and closer cooperation with the Career Services office will be explored in cooperation with the faculty and USR.


Spearheaded by the 2017 - 2018 student council, it is now a tradition for each FSR SBE to perform its duties CO2 neutrally. Naturally, this year we will continue that tradition. In line with the continuation plan, we want to align our ambitions with the Green Office to build a relationship on which the future councils can reap the harvest.

2.SBE Advancement

Keywords for the SBE advancement: internationalization and course evaluation.


With the growth of international students, we want to become a more inclusive and international faculty, where everyone feels both welcome and at home. We want students to not only attend classes but also come to a place for networking and socializing. By creating a place where students from different cultures and backgrounds can integrate, we hope to create more interaction between locals and internationals. By hosting events like a “Language Café”, Dutch and international students will have the opportunity to interact more with each other.

Since the FSR represents all students of the faculty, we also want the international students to be more involved within the faculty, making decisions, and having a better understanding of the policy points on which we will focus on this year. Therefore, we aim to translate some of the university policy documents into English. Last but not least, creating a bilingual faculty is also our goal for the year. Website, canvas page of FSR and social media will be in Dutch and English.

Course evaluation

We want to motivate students to fill in course evaluation using incentives like coffee coupons, discounts for trainee courses or gift vouchers. Before we do this, we will need to contact the committee responsible for the course evaluation. After that we will contact potential collaboration parties. The benefit of this is that there will be a better communication between the faculty and the students and this can lead to the improvement of the education. We will try to keep close contacts with the program committee and the collaboration parties so that the upcoming councils can build on this policy point.

3. FSR Advancement

Keywords for the FSR advancement: career integration and visibility.

Career integration

The bachelor programs at our faculty score pretty well on the NSE scores. However, if you look at the individual scores per topic, ‘preparing for career’ scores lowest. There is room for improvement here. To make the studies at our faculty even better, we want to focus on integrating career aspects more into the bachelor programs. For some studies within the faculty the career integration is higher than for others. So coming year the focus will be on the studies with lower scores, to get all the programs on the same level and for longer term goal is to improve the career integration even further. We’ll look for opportunities to improve existing guest lectures and workshops. Next to that we’ll work to create more awareness about events and career opportunities that are organized outside of our faculty.


This year the FSR also has its focus on being more visible to all of the SBE students. The brand awareness of the FSR is particularly low, and our goal is to up the amount of students that know what we can mean for them. We will achieve this by doing small talks at the start of a new period and being approachable at Bachelor and Master days.

Also, we will intensify the use of our social media channels, where we will make sure that students stay up-to-date with upcoming events and how the progress on our goals is going. Depending on the success of this policy point, other projects of the (future) FSR can be positively influenced by having more input from the students.

Follow this link to read the full version of our policy plan of FSR 2019-2020 !

Best student awards

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-------ENGLISH BELOW------

Beste SBE studenten,

De aanmeldingen voor de StudenTalentprijs zijn nu geopend.! Zoals ieder jaar organiseert de FSR de jaarlijkse nominatie voor de StudenTalentprijs. Deze onderscheiding voor het talent van het jaar maakt deel uit van het beleid van de faculteit SBE om bijzondere prestaties, niet alleen van docenten en onderzoekers, maar ook van studenten te waarderen.

Elke faculteit draagt 1 student voor aan de jury voor de VU-brede StudenTalentprijs. De uitreiking van deze prijs zal plaats vinden tijdens de opening van het academisch jaar. De prijs voor de ‘Beste Student van de VU’ bestaat uit € 4.000 in de vorm van een symbolische cheque. Daarnaast ontvangt de winnaar de AlumniRelatiesprijs: zij of hij wordt gekoppeld aan een interessante VU-alumnus.

Deelname Best Student Award 

Om in aanmerking te komen voor de titel ‘Best Student’ dien je te voldoen aan een aantal van de onderstaande criteria:

  • Haalt bovengemiddelde cijfers
  • Levert een bijzondere maatschappelijke of culturele bijdrage
  • Heeft organisatietalent, bestuurlijk talent, creatief talent en/of sporttalent
  • Is betrokkenheid bij de VU
  • Bezit eigenschappen die hem/haar in staat stellen als rolmodel te fungeren voor (VU)-studenten

Herken jij jezelf in de bovenstaande profiel en wil je kans maken op die geweldige prijs? Stuur dan een e-mail naar fsr.sbe@vu.nl met de volgende bestanden:

  • CV & motivatiebrief
  • Foto
  • Cijferlijst inclusief herkansingen
  • Eventuele aanbeveling docent

Aanmelden kan tot en met 20 mei!

De winnaar wordt verkozen door de jury van de onderwijsprijzen. Ingestuurde gegevens worden vertrouwelijk behandeld en niet vrijgegeven aan derden.

Met vriendelijke groet, FSR SBE


Om in aanmerking te komen voor de StudenTalentprijs voldoet de student in ieder geval aan de volgende voorwaarden:

- laatstejaars bachelor- of masterstudent;

- ingeschreven als voltijd VU-student;


Dear SBE students,

It is now possible for you to apply for the Best Student Awards! Every year the Faculty Student Council of the SBE organizes the Best Student and Best Lecturer award. This award is part of the Faculty’s policy to reward outstanding performance of lecturers and students.

Every faculty nominates one student for the awards. The award ceremony will take place during the opening of the academic year in September 2017. The prize for Best Student award consists of a cheque of €4000. Moreover, the winner receives the Alumnirelationsprice, the student will be partnered with an interesting VU-alumnus.

Best Student Award Participation

Eligible students meet a couple of the following requirements:

  • Acquired above average grades
  • Delivers social or cultural contribution to the society
  • Organizational, creative, and or sports talent
  • Performs outstanding besides study (e.g. experienced a year in a committee)
  • Involved with the university
  • Is able to perform as a rolemodel for (VU-)students

Do you recognize yourself in the above mentioned criteria? Wait no longer! Please apply by sending an e-mail to fsr.sbe@vu.nlincluding:

  • CV and motivation letter
  • Photo
  • Grade overview including resits
  • Possible teacher recommendation

You can sign up until May 20h!

A jury will determine the winner of the Best Student Award. All submitted information will be treated confidentially and will not be released to third parties.

Kind regards, FSR SBE


Eligible students need to meet atleast the following requirements:

- final year bachelor or master student

- enrolled as a fulltime VU-student