With pride we announce that we have been elected to the Faculty Student Council (FSR) of School of Business and Economics (SBE) for 2019-2020, an involved task which we will perform with tremendous pleasure.
Counting 5,700 students in the SBE, our faculty is the third largest of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The FSR is the official consultative body for this large group of students and functions as a bridge between the students and the faculty. The student council voices the concerns and input of the students which is essential to guard and improve education and the faculty.
This year, our primary focus will contain several points: organizational restructure, SBE advancement and FSR advancement. Please read more on our Policy plan here
On behalf of the FSR SBE 2019-2020,
Luud van Ginneken
Jessie Igir
Levi Polderman
Perry Leijen
Alyssa Termaat
Jordi Turk 
Daisy Qu

16 September 2017 om 16:40

FSR SBE heet alle nieuwe studenten welkom!

De komende weken zal de facultaire studentenraad (FSR) School of economics and Business (SBE) alle nieuwe en oude studenten weer welkom heten. Wil je een van ons in het echt ontmoeten? Houd dan goed je ogen open of spreek ons aan. De gehele eerste week (vanaf maandag 4 september 2017) zullen we druk flyeren in de foyer van het hoofdgebouw. We zien jullie gauw!

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21 April 2017 om 13:55

De nieuwe Facultaire Studentenraad voor 2017/2018 is bekend!

De nieuwe FSR FEWEB voor 2017/2018 1. Quinty 2. Sanne 3. Eveline 4. Anuska 5. Charissa 6. Nordin 7. Jake

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6 March 2017 om 9:50

Nationale Studenten Enquête- NSE

Fill in the NSE and win an iPad! This is for all the FEWEB Students at the VU. We need your opinion! The results from this survey partly determines the value of your DIPLOMA!

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