-Help with a lot of situations and study related problems
-They can point you to the right person if they can’t help you

Phone consultation hours: mo, tue, thu 11:00-12:00
Phone number: 0205986116

Office hours: Monday to Friday 13:00-14:00
Room: 8A-62
Instead of emailing them directly, you can also log into vunet, go to services>Guidance and Counselling>Academic Advisors and fill out the contact form there by clicking on the link “contact form”.

Examination Board :

-They are guarding the quality of all examinations in the study programmes
-Are also authorised to take decisions on requests for admission, exemption and approving deviations from the regular program

For contacting the Examination Board, go to your vunet>services>Guidance and Counselling>Examination Board>Requests for the examination board and click the link which kind of request is applicable to your situation.

However, it is advised to talk it through with the academic advisor first so you know all your options and they can also advise you how to write your request!

Programme committees:

-Evaluate courses in the programme and will formulate alterations to improve the course for future years

-They give advices on all aspects of education to improve courses

-Important issues are passed on to the Examination Board or to the Programme Management

You can email them when you have suggestions or advice for courses. However, you don’t have to email them about a course, because they also go over the output of the course evaluations so you can fill this one in as well!


Student dean:

-Support, advises and informs about things that are not about the actual content of the study programs

Example cases: financial problems, letter of recommendation for internships abroad etc.


Location: main building in the 0E hallway.

Student ombudsman:

-Helps with complaints related to the application of laws and regulation, organization, teaching and education, the conduct of an employee and access to university facilities.

Example cases: if your thesis supervisor is unreachable and you don’t know who to reach now.

The complaints are not anonymous.

Look at Vunet>Services>Guidance and Councelling>Student Ombudsman, for the information that you should include in your complaint.


Phone: 020-598 5313

Whatsapp: 06-2762 5636

Student psychologist:

-Help with psychological issues that might make studying more difficult.


Location: Main building, 0E-gang

Student desk:

-Help with more practical cases about (re)-enrolment in studies, college fee etc.

Location: Central Hall, Main Building

Phone: 020-5985020

Or go to Vunet>Services>Guidance and Councelling>Student desk VU

VU Career Services:

-Can help with anything related to preparing yourself for your career.

-They organize activities and workshops related to career as well.



Phone: 020-5983067

Location: 8A-53

International Office:

-Can answer questions about studying abroad or doing an internship abroad.

Consultation hours:

The main building, 0E-73B

Monday 12.30h-13:30h

International Service Desk (short questions):

The main building, next to the Student desk

Mon to Fri from 13.00h to 15:00h