The Faculty Student Council (FSR) of School of Business and Economics

The Introduction of FSR SBE

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) of School of Business and Economics (SBE) at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is an important body within the faculty. The FSR is the official consultative body for students and represents them at faculty level. There is participation in the policy of the faculty through which the interests of students can be realized. In addition, the FSR may provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the dean and the education director, and the council has the right to information, right to hear and the right to training (so that its duties can be performed better).

As FSR of the 2019-2020 academic year, we therefore focus on our students. To make optimal use of our options, it is important to know what is going on among students and how we can make a difference together. We have the task of representing the students at faculty level and therefore find a good relationship with students very important. There is an anchored rights and obligations for the FSR and have advisory rights to almost everything. In addition, we also have a right of consent.

The FSR consists of seven student members. The student members are elected annually in May via faculty-wide elections. Every registered SBE student can apply for a place in the FSR. Students must apply for a position within the student council by submitting a motivation letter and CV. The FSR makes a selection of potential candidates who will then be invited for an interview.

Legale role

In order to fulfill the role of FSR as well as possible, the council can invoke two types of rights. These are as follows:

Right of consent

The right of consent is the most important right of the student council. The head of the faculty (the dean) may only make a decision about cases to which the FSR has the right of consent if the FSR agrees. The council has the right of consent with regard to decisions regarding:

  1. The student statute insofar as it relates to the rights and obligations of the student.
  2. The faculty regulations.
  3. Regulations of educational institutions.
  4. Parts of the education and examination regulations.

Right of advisory

Another important right of the FSR is the right of advice. This means that the dean must ask the FSR for advice before it can take certain measures or decisions. The dean must demonstrably do something with this advice. If nothing is done with this advice, the dean must properly explain the reason for this. The council has advisory rights in the following matters:

  1. A decision on matters concerning the continued existence and proper course of affairs within the faculty.
  2. Proposals from the dean for a management agreement.
  3. The financial annual report, if and insofar as this is determined by the dean for the faculty.

Mission and Vision

As the Faculty Student Council, we are aware of the important role to represent the students of the School of Business and Economics. With delight we will continue the work of the former council and contribute to the faculty.

Our vision aligns with that of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Primarily, we believe that “it is essential that people and organizations have profound knowledge of the mechanisms of economics and business, but also understand and embrace individual and cultural differences.”

Our mission is to look after the students within the School of Business and Economics and therefore to guard the quality of education, to align the goals of the faculty and the students and to communicate with all layers of the faculty School of Business and Economics to generate innovative ideas in a creative way. We want to support our faculty in their mission: “here, people learn, develop knowledge, grow their potential, and find their purpose.”

We will approach these goals are aligned with a resourceful and broad perspective. In our commitment, we take into account different perspectives and think in terms of solutions instead of problems. By adopting a committed and connecting attitude, we are aiming to optimally involve students in improving our education in the upcoming year. 

Members of the Faculty Student Council


Luud van Ginneken


Hi everyone, my name is Luud van Ginneken and I am the chairman of the FSR SBE 2019-2020. Currently I am following the Master Duisenberg Honours Programme in Financial Markets and Regulations and I am working part-time at a management consultancy firm in strategic marketing and pricing. My responsibilities as the chairman are e.g. to give lead to the council and maintain good relationships with external parties.


Jessie igir


Hi! My name is Amber Jasmin Mona Lisa, but everyone calls me Jessie. I am 22 years old and a second-year student International Business Administration. Besides studies I do quite some things like extra courses and honours program. Also, last summer I was in the board Introduction Days of which I organized the parties! :) Finally, this year I will be the vice-chair of the Faculty Student Council. I am really looking forward to working with my great council and have fun!


Levi Polderman


I study International Business Administration, and with my 20-year experience of being alive, I am the youngest member of our council. My core tasks are to make sure that the council runs smoothly. This includes handling the agenda, maintaining our mailbox and digital workspace, or addressing ideas and concerns to everyone. While I can’t make any fancy promises about recording lectures or SBE-only chill rooms, I will be working together with Luud and Jessie to implement some structured continuation in the council. Together, we are building networks of people that can improve main issues such as sustainability and SBE workplaces. I sincerely hope to get in touch with as many inspiring SBE students as I can. If you have suggestions, complaints or just want to get a coffee, I look forward to meeting you.


Junye Qu


Hi all, my name is Junye Qu and my friends also call me Daisy. I am a third-year Econometrics and Data Science student. Also, I am the PR /IT coordinator on the board of FSR SBE. In particular, I am responsible for the communication to the students and promoting the FSR SBE. Moreover, I am working together with Alyssa on to make SBE a better international environment. As one of the international students, I am aware of the fact that it is pretty hard for us to integrate, so I think it's important to create an environment where both Dutch and international students could interact more. I am excited about this new challenge and I will make my utmost effort to make this happen in the upcoming year!


Jordi Turk


I am Jordi Turk and I am the treasurer of the Faculty Student Council of the School of Business and Economics. I am responsible for setting up the budget overview at the beginning of the academic year and during the year, expenses will be recorded. In addition to the financial tasks, I am responsible for trainings and outings for the FSR. Lastly, I assent to the faculty budget overview and the year plan of the SBE. Besides the function related tasks, I will work together with the Coordinator External Communication Bachelor on increasing the visibility of the FSR and the response rate of the course evaluation.


Perry Leijen

External Communication Bachelor

Hi all, I’m Perry Leijen and will be the “External Communication Bachelor” this year. I’m currently a 4th year student at Economics and Business Economics, following an extra minor Applied Econometrics and just started as a student-assistant at the Communication and Marketing department at the VU. More about my function: I’m in contact with not only the bachelor students but also the program directors of the SBE. This way, I can make sure that students’ problems, initiatives and solutions are heard and passed onto the board of SBE and the other way around.


Alyssa Termaat

External Communication Master

Hi, I’m Alyssa Termaat. I’m currently doing the minor Applied Econometrics. Within the student council, I’m the external communicator for the master programs at SBE. This means that my main task is to look for common complaints or suggestions for all the master programs. With this input, I can look at solutions together with people associated with the Masters. Aside from my function, I’m working on Career Integration and Internationalization with Daisy.

You can find the link to our policy plan of FSR SBE 2019-2020 HERE !